Artist's Statement
There is a continuum of spontaneous, meditative painting, stretching back to the Chauvet cave paintings of 35,000 years ago, through Chinese landscape painting, Zen painting and the Abstract Expressionists, to the present day. I love that tradition and feel a part of it.
My work occurs in phases, and as one phase ebbs another one flows, and each phase flows into the next, yet they are all connected in a way that may not be obvious at first glance ..... they have in common much study and preparation, but then each piece is completed in a spontaneous way, usually in one flourish or session.
I have always loved artist’s materials:  paper, pencils, pens, paint, beautiful brushes, the luxury of canvas and linen. These simple things hold endless, creative possibilities.
How many creative ideas and beautiful drawings lie waiting in a new pencil. A blank sheet of paper is brimming with possibilities. Simple colors waiting to be mixed together to form new beginnings, charcoal or red earth brushed onto cave walls, colored earth, suspended in linseed oil and brushed onto woven linen, have created some of humanity’s greatest treasures.
Simple, yet profound and exciting … the beauty of working with simple things.
David Coleridge Ryan
Langley WA .

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